Hi guys! 

Here’s to hoping you’ve been having a great Summer so far! This month, like most of our summer months, has been one of the busiest of the year and it doesn’t seem like August is going to be any different! 


We got off the waitlist for Animanga, which is a convention just about thirty minutes away from us in Pomona, CA! It will be this weekend August 2 to August 4th. We did this convention last year and while it’s definitely small and I’m not sure I recommend it for out of state vendors, it’s nice for us since we just get to drive and take it easy through the weekend! I recommend giving it a look if you’re in the area - it’s nice to spend a day or two at to check out the exhibitors & artists!

As for other conventions in August, we will be attending Anime Fest in Dallas, TX and San Japan in San Antonio, TX according to plan! We’re hoping to churn out a few new designs for these conventions, but we’ll see how things go in terms of busy-ness and how we are at home before we leave! Flights have been booked though!


We’re officially going to have business cards for our online shop! We’ve mostly avoided using business cards for during conventions because we run out quickly and it’s not the most sustainable thing to give away en masse, but we’d like to have cards that showcase all our social media and other places you can support us when you receive your order! We’d really love to grow a better community online for our shop and we’d love to see what kinds of photos you guys take of your goodies when you receive them!

With this, we also have some upcoming changes to our shop:

Our reward points system is live! I will be making a blog post later in this coming weekend with more information and a proper guide of how it works, but if you’re interested in receiving points with each order you make towards discounts, just click the little banner on the bottom right of the screen that says “rewards”! 

In addition to that, we will be running monthly giveaways starting in August on Twitter! The rules will be the same consistently, just RT the original post, follow and you’ll be automatically entered in to receive whatever bundle of goods we’re giving away that month. 

We have lots of exciting plans coming up & we hope you join us for them! 

PS. Will try to have a new YouTube video online this weekend either of our merch organizing process from this last week or from Italy! Thanks guys!

Lots of love,


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