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After all the madness over these past few months, our enamel pins have finally arrived to us! We've been through thick and thin with this manufacturer and we are likely going to be changing to another one in the future, but they're home safe and sound. Though the package came with a fair share of misprints, we expected it this time around, and made sure to order extra. 

All orders with enamel pins will be shipped out within the next few days, so expect to start getting tracking number notifications via e-mail! Thank you so much for all your patience with us, guys. It was a stressful time and we're happy to finally have them. Any orders placed from today on should be shipped within our regular time frame of two weeks because our stock has been replenished & we do not have any conventions for quite a little while!

ALL PROMARE ENAMEL PIN ORDERS who waited for the pin stock to come in will be receiving a waterproof vinyl sticker of the same design as an extra goodie in their package! Thank you again for all your patience!


Because we do have a decent selection of misprints, whether those are enamel pins, or even apparel, we will be expanding that section on our website! We don't like to see items go to waste, so we will be putting some things up online at very discounted numbers. If you have a discount code or rewards from our points system, you can also apply those without a problem. Enamel pins should be online already, ranging from the PROMARE enamel pins to the QUIRKY BATBOYS set! The defects on them aren't the more horrendous in the world, but we'd like to sell them at a discount to make it fair to you all who might be interested in them.

You can go ahead and find the section for misprints right here


Thank you so, SO, SO much from the bottom of our hearts for all the support on these new button downs! We could have never predicted how well they would've been received on social media and we're so grateful for it!

Prior to putting them up online, we had already ordered a small batch with our manufacturer so that we could have the physical proofs as a photo for their listing when they inevitably did go up. These proofs should be getting to us in about 2-3 days and will be mailed out accordingly, along with enamel pins as mentioned above! This will be covering about 1/4th of the orders that were placed with us as of this morning, so if you can remember placing an order within the first few minutes that these shirts went up, chances are, your order will be shipped this week!

For the remainder of orders, we've gone ahead and started another set with our manufacturer and they should be arriving to us within two weeks! You can expect shipping to take place not long after that.


This will be a smaller announcement just because there are only so many words you can use to say it but.. a ton of our items are going to be discontinued within the coming weeks! We are trying to get them all out of our stock bins, so they're at a much lower price than usual! If you do a quick run around of our online shop, you'll notice many of our long-time selling items will be at prices down to 50% of what they usually go for. If you've ever wanted any of these items, this is now your chance to get them, as we will not be restocking!

Things includes many charms, hats, patches, and other items! Check it out!


As for what we'll be doing during this uncertain time of social distancing, we'll be working from home as always, doing our best to keep making merchandise of the things we love & taking care of our fosters. We will have many new items coming to the shop this month, such as:

  • animal crossing themed planner stickers
  • breath of the wild print set
  • kitty-themed memopads
  • charms based of our resident kitties
  • and more!
You guys have stuck with us through thick & thin and we are so, so excited to keep growing and developing this little family of ours. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts & we hope you have a safe, enjoyable month.
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  • jqxgormesu

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Michelle

    First time ordering, but have loved your art and merch for years! Always will support you guys and your cats, I hope you’re all doing well during these times!

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