After a busy October and November, the holidays are officially on full blast! Thanksgiving is in only a few days and we are more than ready to celebrate how grateful we are for how amazing this past year has been. It has come with plenty of obstacles and unexpected challenges, but all in all, 2019 has been fantastic, and it’s largely because of you all! For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we will be having a WEEK LONG sale with various deals on certain items and a 15% OFF coupon! With this, we’ll also be introducing several new items such as enamel pins, apparel, and charms, all ranging from original to fandom-related!




In addition to these present & event-filled days, we are announcing our first ever card & present swap! We want to spread as much cheer and happiness as we can this holiday season, so we’ll be sending out cards to as many people as we can, customers, patrons, friends, and family, all alike. Just fill out the form here: by DECEMBER 10th or before the submission hits 100! If you’d like to send anything back, please contact us for the address!

We look forward to sending cards and other goodies out!


We had a wonderful time at Kumoricon this past weekend and would love to go again next year! Everyone was so sweet and it was so nice to be able to attend a convention after about a two month break. We aren’t so used to taking such long breaks from travel, but it made the entire experience all the more pleasant! Holiday Matsuri is coming up in mid-December and we hope to be able to bring an updated table to everyone who is able to make it out!


We’ve tried our best to stay up to date with orders the last month, so we’re mostly caught up, but for those still waiting - we’ve been having an issue with Shopify not showing us unfulfilled orders properly, so we promise we see you and we’re working hard to get that out to you ASAP!


As for our foster babies, Max & Leo are still up for adoption! The two twin brothers are eagerly waiting the perfect home for them. They are obsessed with being held and cuddled, if not by a human being, than by each other! Maple & Gio are also officially up for adoption - you can keep on the look out for information on their adoption forms that should be up on our social media this week! They are both 5 & 4 months old, respectively, and would love to go to a home together!


If you live in Southern California or you’re willing to drive here to meet them, please make sure to contact us! Thank you so much guys!

If you want to support us or our fosters directly, please check out our Patreon, where we upload more additional content like process videos and newsletter podcasts, or our Amazon wishlist for our foster kittens!

Have a great holiday season!


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