Hi guys!

Thank you so much for hopping on our shop opening so quickly & for all the support on our social media! The last few weeks have been just a little non-stop for both of us because of Anime Expo & Metrocon, but we’re spending some time in San Antonio to relax and collect ourselves to get back to work when we get back home! 


We have a much more put-together game plan that I’m hoping can be put into action relatively well the rest of this year! I think if there is anything we’ve learned over the course of the last year and a half working together (and the years before that working solo), its that we have so much to constantly juggle around that organization and time management is super key & I think it’s always something we can improve on!

So anyhow, we’re working on getting stricter with our deadlines, stricter about releasing content frequently, organizing our social media, and so on! You can expect new merch whether original or from our fave shows n’ such at least every month and new videos, photos, and other updates as well!


This month we're hoping to finish up new merchandise for Anime Fest and the rest of our conventions for this year (though it won't stop there) as well as post a new video on our channel and get back on a proper routine for our socials! We're also finishing up closing all our orders on our Etsy! While most tracking numbers have been sent out, there are a few stray orders we're waiting for restocks for! We're sorry about everyone that had to deal with that mess - we really weren't expecting it and I hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience!

Thanks again & I hope to get to updating this semi-frequently! Our next convention is Anime Fest in Dallas, TX on August 16TH & we look forward to seeing some of you guys there!

PS. Kitten Season is going strong in the USA and there are thousands of kittens flooding shelters all across the country! If you’re interested in helping out, donate to your local shelter, check out how you can get involved in a Trap Neuter Return program in your area, foster or adopt!

Here are some resources and if you have absolutely any questions about how to help, please let us know!





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    Hi there! We will be at San Japan this year! We’re splitting a big booth with our friend in the artist alley! We should have a stock of all our button downs by then just fine, but it will likely be limited because we have a convention in Dallas (Anime Fest) just about a week or so before & we’re sharing stock for those two!

    Thank you for your interest! <3

  • Ian

    Will y’all be at San Japan this year? If so, will you have the Sonic button up at your table? I’m absolutely loving that shirt but I’m not able to get it just yet.

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