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Hi guys! It's October already - the last few months have absolutely flown with all the new responsibilities we've gotten & we're hoping to get back to you with regularly scheduled programming.

I hope everyone's been alright getting back into the jig of things with school starting up and Fall marking the beginning of things getting busy again after Summer! We've been adjusting as well - August marked the beginning of our adventure into fostering as well as classes starting up. We're getting back into the swing of things now, with no longer having any bottle baby kittens to take care of, and classes settling down. With no conventions until November, we have some time to focus on what we have to do and also create some new content!



We currently have two fosters that are up for adoption: Max & Leo! They have events all through October with Southern Counties Rescue. If you are interested in adopting or know someone who may be, you can apply to adopt here: ! These boys are not just beautiful, but absolute sweet hearts! They love to be held and cuddled. If anyone is interested in learning how to foster, please go ahead & contact us! We'd be happy to help out and spread some good information! We can also offer information about finding rescues to foster for near you.

Maple & Gio will be up for adoption likely late October, as they are scheduled for their final vaccines & neuter surgery then! They're growing up to be such great and lovable boys - we'd love to see them go to a great home(s)! We will be getting to work on a new series of videos for our channel really illustrating raising these guys & the fostering process!


As for orders: We're currently cycling through some backlogged orders! We had all through September where a few of our restocks kept being directed to our house in Texas, and we're still waiting for our biggest shirt restock to be mailed back to us in California, but most orders should be able to go out this week! We're sorry for the long wait & thank you so, so much for being so patient with us! 

With these restocks, we're basically good to go for Kumoricon in November, though we do plan on trying to make some new merchandise for them! We're looking into the possibility of creating some neat, original merch of our kitties & fosters, to create a program where you can collect them all! We really love the idea of collectables, so we want to experiment with something like that! We've also been looking into new button downs as well as bags! 

With the premiere of Promare, we've been almost overly inspired to make some things for it. You can definitely keep an eye out within the next month for some goodies from us sporting our faves! ;-)

For our patrons, you can also expect updates this month! We've been lagging a bit on updating with new content just about everywhere because our work room gets outrageously warm during the Summer and a lot of our tech is stationary and can't be moved around, but we just finished building a new screen and the weather has been cooling off, so we'll be back in there working to get you the goodies you signed up for! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with us this year, and the past few months! We've been really pushing through an overload of work, but it's been super fulfilling and only gotten us more excited to show you what we've really been working on. 


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