Thank you for taking interest in our fostering process as well as our adoptable kittens & cats! We are always in search of the perfect forever homes for our kittens, so we can go ahead and continue saving more lives. You'll find all our information regarding our adoption process, how to help, & available kittens on this page. All our fosters come spayed / neutered, microchipped, with rabies and FVRCP vaccinations, dewormed, and tested for FIV / FELV.

** More photos as well as videos can be provided for any of our available fosters!


Interested in adopting? Here is your first step!

Make sure to ask yourself what specifically you are looking for in your new family member(s) and what might be best for your work + life schedule! We are more than willing to offer suggestions as to who we think would suit you better in terms of what you're looking for - we know our babies best & want the best for them, as well as the best for you! We do not allow reserved or 'pre-adoptions' unless otherwise stated for any of our kittens. Please ensure that you are absolutely prepared to adopt when you submit the initial questionnaire.

When you have settled on deciding who you're interested in meeting or adopting, you will fill out our initial adoption questionnaire. This questionnaire is by no means an official document to confirm your adoption - it is simply an application to let us get a better idea of your history of pet ownership (or lack there of), your home / work situation, and anything we may need to speak about! After you submit your application, we will contact you with any information we need to continue forward.

                                                FILL OUT THE FORM HERE! 

PS. Please keep in mind we are only accepting applications from those 21 yrs and older and willing to drive to our location in San Antonio, TX. If you do not get a response to your form within 2-3 days, please contact us directly to let us know you've filled it out!

Two is Always Better Than One! 

You may notice that many rescues and fosters do not allow their kittens to be adopted without a young cat (or in some cases, dog) in the home or without another kitten their age! We follow the same rule of thumb in most cases, as there are numerous benefits for both owners & young cats in having a buddy! There is a common belief that cats are solitary animals that prefer to be on their own, but that is far from the case. Cats are highly social, both with humans and other cats & they require that social enrichment throughout their lives.

Making sure you adopt a second kitten or have a buddy at home for your new friend will ensure they learn by observation from each other - they spend their energy on playing together, instead of getting overly curious or poking around in things they shouldn't. Kittens can teach each other things that humans just can't - they can keep each other from getting aggressive with food or play and they will be easier to take care of together, rather than solo. Adopting a bonded pair is also much easier than introducing an older cat to a kitten later on! 

Adoption & Going Forward

Upon having your application approved and talking it over, we will set up a date for you to come meet your prospective kitten(s)! You are completely free to take them home on the same day, if your decision is made. Additionally, you will fill out the official adoption form + pay the adoption fee on the same date you take them home. We recommend setting up a small area or single room for your kitten(s) to adjust in first, before you pick them up, so everything is ready to go once you bring them home. 

When you adopt from us, we are always willing to answer any questions or offer any amount of help to make sure your new babies are making a smooth adjustment. We will also give you a full length guide unique to the kittens you adopt to help you better understand how you should help them adjust to your home, though this, and other topics, will also be discussed when you come visit them. You will receive all their medical files on hand, information on how to register their microchips, and a scanned copy of the official adoption form for your own use.

How to Help

All the work we do comes out of our pocket and space, so any help is always appreciated, whether that's through supporting us by purchasing from our store, commissioning us, or donating directly! We have a full donation list of items we're always in need of - most commonly food and litter. 

                                                      FOSTER DONATION LIST

We are also always open to help people learn to volunteer in their own community to help TNR, foster, and rescue. Shelters and rescues are always in need of help - there are cats everywhere looking for homes and safety. If you aren't able to adopt from us, we definitely suggest you look into volunteering locally - there are always opportunities to learn from. We also suggest taking an online TNR (Trap Neuter Return) course to help tackle over-population and save lives as well!

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