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help! i've found a kitten or cat in need and i'm not sure what to do.

there is no one scenario that is going to have the same solution, so if you can, contact someone that can offer you a quick response! there are many facebook groups and forums where you can post questions & get great feedback -- or, drop us a message! we may not be able to get back to you as quick as possible, but we're always willing to give advice where we can.

for anyone taking in new kittens or wanting to begin fostering, we highly, highly recommend any resources from kitten lady! she has an entire webinar series that we find extremely helpful!



when can i expect my order to be shipped out to me?

this question can vary quite a bit depending on what you ordered! if it is something we currently have in stock, you can likely expect it to be shipped out in about two weeks, as that is our current schedule for packaging orders! if it is something on pre-order, it may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. if there are any unforeseen delays or conventions we will be working, we will always make sure to send out an e-mail to keep you updated! 

if you still have any questions or concerns regarding order shipment, feel free to contact us here:

is there any way to lower the cost of international shipping? 

unfortunately, our prices are just about walking the line of loss in regards to international shipping costs. prices go up every year and this year (2020) has been particularly tough, with prices on average going up about $2-$3 USD. for now, this is the cheapest we can put our shipping costs at, both domestically and internationally. if you're looking to lower your costs, we recommend finding friends to manage a group order with so you can divide it overall!

my tracking number is either stuck or it says it was delivered, but it's not here. 

things like this happen once in a blue moon, but the post office does have the ability to lose packages. we are not liable for any damages or loss for packages, but we do want to help how we can! while we can't offer a full refund, we offer two choices for lost packages: 1. a 50% refund. 2. you can pay 50% of the cost of your order and we can mail it back out to you again, to cover our production costs! if this happens to you, we will go ahead and offer you both these choices and you are free to pick either one!

my order has missing items! what should i do?

please go ahead and contact us with your order number & information as to what was missing! things can happen and we can go ahead and send you over the missing items immediately! thank you!



all sales are final, but if you would like to change an item you have placed for something of equal or more value before it is shipped out, please get in contact with us! if the item is on pre-order, unfortunately we cannot make any changes to your order, but if it is something we have in stock, we can go ahead and change it up however you'd like! 

we do not offer returns for any items unless they are damaged in some way that seems like a misprint we didn't catch! if you think that might be the case, please contact us with a photo & your order number so we can resolve it & send you a replacement ASAP! 



why is my order only accepting one discount code and not the other?

while we do wish we could have our website discount items through a code and automated discount (ie. 3 FOR $12 buttons), shopify does not currently allow orders to contain more than one discount. 

are tips refundable?

tips are considered non-refundable in the event of an order cancellation or otherwise! 



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